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Frequently asked questions…

How long is the SEO process?

The SEO process is a long term strategy implemented by most business’s. Dependant on the keyword (s) chosen. The process can take anything from 3 – 12 months dependant on the location of the keyword.

Can i increase my PPC budget at any time?

Yes, PPK Charge a management fee in order to manage your campaign and ensuring it delivers. The budget will be chosen by your selves with our guidance. You can increase and decrease the budget at any given time however we do recommend this be done at the end of the months campaign.

What is SEO and PPC?

1) SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. This process is where search engines regard your website and its content as relevant. This in turn ensures your website ranks for specific keywords. The higher you rank the more traffic your website captures. This creates an increase in leads and enquiries and subsequently conversions.

2) PPC – Pay Per Click. These are adds placed on Google ( little yellow add button ) usually the top 3 results on search engines. You only get billed if a potential client clicks on your add and views your website. It is a useful short term tool however monitoring your budget is essential.

What does my FREE consultation include?

Your free 45 minute consultation includes a website health check on your current rank and strategies via the on-line world. Our team will be happy to come to your office in your time to explain the benefits of these services and how they can help your business grow. We will run down the options in detail and help you make the right choice.

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Our team will provide a website health check which will enable you to understand how your business is currently functioning. We can show you what your competitors do and how well it helps. Interested in knowing?